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Prithvi 3


- Prithvi3.0 receives the first prize in the Low weight and Sustainability category
- Ansys CAE Award- 1 st prize
- Awarded the best car award by peers
- Received the Second Prize in the Speed Award for acceleration

The journey

Competition Experience: BAJA SAE 2012
BAJA ’12 was IIT Bombay Racing’s third year at the national event and this time around, we came in as an experienced team, with a buzz around us and a determination to prove ourselves. And boy, we did! After a fun journey, the 40 member strong contingent arrived at Pithampur and rushed straight to the Natrip tracks to great our beloved car. Prithvi 3.0 had been a special effort. The design reflected our wealth of experience, the gruelling three month testing period proved the car’s sturdiness and the shiny new Fox shocks and a two way telemetry system provided the “Wow” factor. Once the car was unloaded, it was pushed to the pits, thoroughly examined and readied for the next day.
Day 0 began with the Technical Inspection, which was cleared barring a few minor hiccups. Importantly, the brakes, which had been a worry for the last two seasons, locked in the very first attempt to the delight of the Brakes Team. Our pre event planning and preparation had paid off and by afternoon, we were back in the pits. The rest of the day went in checking out the competition, a huge learning experience for the junior team.
Day 1 dawned and after waking up at 5 am, the team was at the tracks at 7, rushing to get in the line for the static events. The Design Evaluation went like a breeze, fetching us two “Very Good” remarks, for our custom designed drive train and the car’s serviceability. The low cost data acquisition system was appreciated as well. The judges were especially impressed with the analysis done to support the design and our preparedness in answering questions. There was some doubt regarding our sleek A-arms, but the Vehicle Dynamics team was confident that they would last the endurance race. The research done on exhaust analysis floored the judges. After a great showing, we headed to the weigh in. At 240 kgs, we were the lightest car to compete at the event confirming one award on Day 1 itself! Next up was the acceleration run, where we clocked a respectable 6.98 seconds which placed us second on the pole. The day ended on a joyous note. Our overall performance in the static events had put us in the top 5 and our car was displayed to the waiting media at the event inauguration!
Day 2 was spent in completing the rest of the dynamic events. The hill climbs looked challenging and the team waited with a bated breath. But where many of our close competitors had faltered, Prithvi 3.0 rampaged through, justifying the testing done on the Sameer Hill at IIT Bombay. Next came the manoeuvrability test. We were much better equipped for the event this year round, with a smaller turning radius and reverse gear. The results were there to show. Navigating through huge rocks, ditches, sharp corners and logs, Prithvi 3.0 blazed through earning the respect of the onlookers. Dynamic events cleared, it was now time to run a few practice laps on the endurance track and thoroughly prepare the car for the big event the next day.
Day 3 arrived with a sense of anticipation. The Baja Endurance Race is an experience of a lifetime. You pit a full year of engineering effort against the forces of nature. It is like going to a war, you go in boys, you return back as men. Every moment is an adrenaline rush. Wild cheering ensued as the cars were flagged off. In the pits, the telemetry team had set base, continuously monitoring the car’s speed, RPM and location using wireless communication. Within 8 laps, however we realised that our RPM numbers were off and the car was underperforming. Trusting his gut, the captain called for an early pitstop and drive train team rushed to the car and quickly corrected the error in the throttle cable. In hindsight, the decision proved to be a master-stroke and definitely saved us at least 5 positions in the final standings. By the end of the race, our throats were hoarse and our hearts were glad. We had finished fourth! The event ended with a bagful of awards, for lightest sustainable car, being second in the acceleration run, the Ansys CAE award and finally the biggie, the AQ Peers’ Choice Award for the best ATV, which we won by a margin of over 25 votes amongst 100 competitors.
This was indeed our best showing at the event so far. We came back winning the hearts of our competitors, the respect of industry engineers and awards and job offers to the boot!

The Team

Faculty advisors - Prof. Ramesh Singh
Team Captain - Harshad Kunte
Team Vice Captain - Apoorv Yadav
Chassis - Deshraj Jat, Sonu Manjhi
Suspension and Wheel Assemblies - Sonam Motwani, Murali Mohan Behera
Brakes - Devesh Bharti, Darvik Yadav
Steering - Mudit Dandwate
Drive train - Shanu Vivek, Vallari Gore, Lalit Singh, Shashwat Gopal
Onboard Electronics - Pushkar Limaye, Devdatta Patankar, Nimish Mehta
Marketing and Operations - Rohan Vadgaonkar, Abhi Suri
Website - Nikhil Tiwale, Satwik Pradhan

Car Specifications

Length, Width, Height85.2in, 60.8in, 57.8in
Wheel base68in
Track width front53in
Track width rear50in
ConstructionTubular Space Frame
MaterialAISI 1018 Cold rolled seamless
WeldingTIG Welding
Torsional stiffness2515.4 Nm/deg
SuspensionUnequal length independent double wishbone
Shock absorbersFOX Float AIRSHOX
Designed wheel travel front4.5in heave & 4in droop
Designed wheel travel rear4in heave & 3.5in droop
Turn radius2.5m
Steering ratio10.65 (custom rack ratio)
Brake rotors frontAviator 190mm | Hub mounted
Brake rotors rearBajaj Wind 240 mm | Gearbox Mounted
Brake callipersPulsar Double Piston (piston dia. 25.4mm)15 | Natural Frequency-1.5 Hz
Master cylinderTVS Girling (5/8in)
Transmission typeRear wheel drive: Continuously variable transmission
CVT make & ratioCVTech IBC (3:1 to 0.43:1)
Gearbox ratio14:1
Overall ratio Range42:1 to 6.02:1
Final drive typeSolid Spool

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