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The legacy we have left behind



- Awarded Formula Student Award worth 3000 GBP by Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) out of 52 teams internationally
- Lightest car in the history of IIT Bombay Racing
- In-house fabricated light weight Carbon Fiber bodyworks
- High power Brushless DC Motors with Regenerative Braking were implemented to achieve 0-100 kmph in 3.47 sec
- Planetary gearbox developed with 29% reduction in weight and compact packaging
- Implemented Carbon Fiber A-arms in suspension achieving 37% weight reduction
- Developed transient Vehicle Dynamics model that could predict vehicle behavior for some driver inputs

The Team

Faculty Advisors - Prof.Ramesh Singh
Team Captain and Chief Electrical Officer - Rushabh Kapasi
Mechanical Subsystem
Chief Mechanical Officer - Nilesh Bansod
Chassis Head - Divyanshu Sharma, Shreyans Tejawat
Powertrain Head - Manthan Mahajan
Vehicle Dynamics Head - Prahlad Kumar
Chassis Design Engineers - Akash Bunde, Chahal Neema, Mukul Jangid, Sheel Nidhan, Ujjwal Anand
Powertrain Design Engineers - Aakash Abhishek, Abhinav Choudhary, Kumud Acharya, Maithili Patel
Vehicle Dynamics Design Engineers - Abhinav Anand Mishra, Gauhar Singh, Partha Sarthi Ainampudi, Saumil Shah, Saransh Pandoh, Vardhan Patankar, Yaswant Kumar Gonna
Electrical Subsystem
Chief Electrical / Safety Officer - Rushabh Kapasi
Electrical Powertrain Head - Shardul Jade
Electronics Head - Siddhesh Wani
Electrical Powertrain Design Engineers - Swetapadma Sahoo, Yash Sanghvi
Electronics Design Engineers - Abhay Singh, Neil Adit, Rohit Rothe, Sudhir Kumar
Organization team
Chief Organisational Officer - Atishay Jain
Marketing Manager - Ayush Verma
Operations Manager - Ravi Teja
Creatives - Aman Ravi

Car Specifications

Weight245 kg
Wheel bias (Rear %)39%
Wheel base1550 mm
Trackwidth front1244 mm
Trackwidth rear1219 mm
Drag coefficient0.63
Front area0.80
Max motor torque (each)80 Nm
Max motor RPM (each)10,000
Peak/Nominal motor power (each)42/20kW
Final drive ratio5.33
Number of cells96
Cell configuration95S1P
Max/Nominal Voltage420/370V
Max/Cont. discharge current330/120 A
Max. charge current12.5 A
Available energy7.73 kWh
Average endurance battery current120 A
Max. lateral acceleration1.74g
Max. braking deceleration1.6g
Max. longitudinal acceleration0.93g
Time: 0-100 km/hr3.47 sec
Time: Top speed4.4 sec
Top speed145
Time: 0-75m4.19 sec

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