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The legacy we have left behind

Evo 2.0


- Achieved an overall of 54th(Top in India) out of 120 registered teams
- 1st indian car to complete all safety checks and participate in dynamic events

The journey

Competition Experience: Formula Student 2013
This year we were hosted by University of Glasgow for the pre-event period. At the university, we assembled the car completely and were able to get some good amount of testing before the competition. The event started from the evening of 3rd of July and continued till 7th of July. We began with setting up a clean and good looking pit to house the car for static events. On day 1, we lined up the car for Technical Inspection starting with Electrical Scrutineering. Due to a couple of hiccups, we could not clear the scrutiny in first go and had to take the car back to pit and get it ready to clear the scrutiny first, next morning. EVo2 was among the first few Electric cars to clear Electrical Scrutiny by Day 2. Much feared Rain Test and Tilt test were also cleared in first go. Everyone around the car including the scrutineers applauded and cheered the team for top job. The team performed decently well in static events ( Design, Cost and Business Presentation). The judges appreciated the car and were impressed with the magnitude of our improvement over last season. Another highlight was the Brake test. The driver locked the brakes in one attempt leaving everyone around mesmerized. Finally EVo2 achieved the long awaited Complete Technical Inspection Sticker on top of the nose cone. This sticker certified that EVo2 was ready to run in the Dynamic events. EVo2 completed the Autocross Maneuverability event with the best lap time of 75 seconds. We started the endurance run pretty well but unfortunately had to take the car to the pits after 5 laps due to an error in the battery management system. Though we could not finish the endurance but the our hard work paid off when EVo2 was commended for being the first ever car from India to run on the Silverstone track. It was indeed a proud moment for the entire team. Please find attached a couple of photos from the event. A professional outlook towards the project, healthy relationship with the industry and a good testing time for the car, helped us rise to a respectable performance at Formula Student this season. Leveraging on this experience, we aim to improve on these key areas and look forward to a glorious 2014 season.

The Team

Faculty Advisor - Prof.Ramesh Singh
Chief Engineers - Vallari Gore (Mechanical), Saurabh Mishra (Electrical)
Mechanical Subsystem
Chassis and System Integration - Deshraj Jat, Mohan Murali Behera
Design Engineers - Ashutosh Unhale, Sandeep Yogi, Shashank Nagrale, Shivam Mittal
Drive train - Shashwat Gopal
Design Engineers - Shruti Motiwale
Composites and CAE - Sonu Manjhi
Research and Development - Raja Jain
Vehicle Dynamics - Devesh Bharti, Mudit Dandwate
Design Engineers - Devesh Sahu, Akshat Jain, Jagvendra Meena, Poorva Shukla, Vinci Gupta
Electrical Subsystem
Electronic Differential and Data Aquisition - Pushkar Limaye, Shanu Vivek
Design Engineers - Siddhesh Sakhalkar, Puneet Arora, Adwait Dongare, Rachit Aggarwal
HV and Tractive System - Saurabh Mishra
Design Engineers - Prasanna Thengodkar, Pradip Gatkine
Battery Management System - Yudishter Satija
Design Engineers - Parthe Pandit, Lalit Patidar
Electrical System Integration - Nimish Mehta
Design Engineers - Kapil Yadav, Akshay Goyal
Organization team
Marketing - Sonam Motwani, Shreyank Thakker, Pulkit Gupta, Pratik Chinchole
Marketing Managers - Prashant Ahirwar, Ashwin Ahire
Finance and IT - Bonish Gandhi
Web and Creatives - Pritesh Shrivastava, Reshal Shah, Divya Bharadwaj
Managers - Tej Vaidya, Shubham Yadav

Car Specifications

Wheel base/Trackwidth61.5"/ 49"
Car weight290 kg
Top speed100 kmph
Acceleration0-60 in 2.5s
FuelElectric & Agni 95R Brushed PM DC motors
Peak power60kW @72V
Peak torque108Nm
BatteryLiPo battery packs 20SX2 configuration Dow Kokam cells 6oAH
Charging time3 hours (9kWH)
Transmission2 step linear gearbox
DifferentialElectric differential
Final reduction6.4:1
SuspensionDouble unequal length A arms
Front4.5in heave & 4in droop
ChassisMS space frame

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