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Evo 1.0


- India’s first Electric Formula Student Vehicle
- We put together a completely new technology within 6 months and it was a massive learning experience for the team

The Team

Faculty Advisor - Prof.Ramesh Singh
Project Managers - Harshad Kunte, Prateek Sharma, Urmil Shah, Aniket Modi, Mahesh Tikone, Manas Karandikar, Mahesh Tikone
Chassis - Deshraj Jat, Sonu Manjhi, Pritesh Srivastava, Raja Jain, Bonish Gandhi
Vehicle Dynamics - Sonam Motwani, Murali Mohan Behera, Shreyank Thakkar, Devesh Bharti, Mudit Dandwate
Powertrain - Shanu Vivek, Vallari Gore, Lalit Patidar, Shashwat Gopal
Onboard Electronics - Pushkar Limaye, Nimish Mehta, Devdatta Patankar, Nishant Narechania, Pulkit Gupta, Saurabh Mishra, Yudishter Satija
Marketing - Pratik Chinchole
Web and Graphics - Nikhil Tiwale

Car Specifications

Overall Length2590 mm long 1505 mm wide 1340 mm high
Wheelbase1905 mm
Trackwidth1320 mm
Weight with 68kg driver seated Od155 front 233 rear
Suspension typeDouble unequal length A-Arm. Push rod actuated spring / damper. & rear: Double unequal length A-Arm. Pull rod actuated spring / damper
Tire size and compound type20.5×7-13 R25B Hoosier
Wheels (width & construction)8 inch wide | 3 pc Al Rim & 40mm neg. offset
Center of gravity designHeight 305 mm above ground
Roll rate2.38 deg/g
Steer locationFront steer
Gear ratio8.475 steering ratio
Steer arm length50.8mm
RotorsFixed | Stainless steel | hub mounted | 240mm dia. | vented
Master cylinderTVS Girling 15.8 mm bore dia both front and rear | without driver adjustible bias bar
CalipersDual piston 25.4 mm dia. floating
Upright assemblyCNC Al 6061 integrated caliper mount
Frame constructionMild steel tubular spaceframe
Joining method and materialTig Welding / Filler material- 304L stainless steel
Torsional rigidity2504 Nm/ degree
Manufacture / Model95R Agni motors | Brushed PM DC motors
PowerContinuous power for 1 motor: 16 kW @ 78V / 2 motors coupled
Cell typeLithium polymer Pouch cells
Battery monitoring systemElithion distributed BMS with passive balancing and temperature monitoring
Drive typeChain drive
Differential typeHonda Integra GSR 92-93 Quaife ATB Helical LSD

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